Towards Multiple Orgasm

I wrote this for the first release of Say What and have had some very positive feed back from a number of people. I take no responsibility for what you may do to yourself after reading this, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not sure of the damage possible by doing this. I personally have had no ill effect, that I know of, from doing it. Again, be forewarned this article is quite GRAPHIC in its description, not for the faint of heart, or the sexually repressed!

Update Jan. 2004- I have been working on an expanded, and illustrated, “version” of this article. This was written in 1993, and I have learned a great deal since then 😉

Stay tuned, ya never know what will happen!
So, ya wanna know about yer prostate and the state it can put you in. Yes, a prostate orgasm, unlike most ejaculatory orgasms, can actually be maintained to multiple orgasm. Now, for all you strait boys, don’t sweat it, being gay is a lot more complicated than just the ability to enjoy anal stimulation. You were born with a prostate, and it’s your decision if you want to explore the possible pleasures of anal stimulation. If you feel more comfortable, you can do it in the shower, where no one will know what you’re doing. If you’re worried about shit, well, make sure you’ve had a good dump before starting, any residual shit can be washed away in the shower, or if you really feel it necessary, you can have an enema (too many enemas can lead to an itchy butt from being dried out). Now, once your in the shower, relax and start to feel your body, touch it in those ways and places that only you know about. Once your relaxed, and feeling turned on, put your back to the shower so that the water runs down your spine and into the crack of your ass. With which ever hand you feel most comfortable with (make sure your fingernails are clipped, you don’t want any nasty scratches), push open the crack so that your butt hole is good and wet. Now, work your finger into the anus, slowly moving in circles around the sphincter, loosening and relaxing the muscle (this part may take a great deal of time, don’t push too hard, go slow, it may take a few times to get relaxed enough, there is no rush).
Using soap as a lubricant may not be a good idea, a lot of soaps can really irritate the lining of the anus. Also keep in mind that the anus will actually lubricate itself with a clear mucus (which may not be all that clear at first, but, the more you message the inside of the anus, the more mucus will flow, and the clearer it will get). To avoid an ejaculatory orgasm, which will put a damper on things, DON’T touch the penis, that will trigger one.
After all the shitty mucus is cleaned away, move out of the flow of water from the shower, that way the mucus can build up on the outside of the sphincter, making it a little easier to move around. Now, if you feel just below your balls, you can feel the shaft of the penis continuing to just above the anus, feel inside the anus to where the shaft disappears to, the bulge you can feel just inside the anus is the prostate, it is the root of the organ, it is where orgasm originates!!
It is not unusual for the penis to be only semi-erect during all this, but the prostate is very enlarged. Now that you’ve found the prostate, explore, get to know it, it can be very rewarding! As you feel around, you may notice that you can tense and relax this muscle (in close to the same way that you push towards urination or ejaculation. As an anal orgasm approaches, you may feel as though you have to shit or piss, relax and let it happen, even push towards it, even if you do piss, hey, what the hell, your in the shower! The sensation builds until it consumes the body, the penis convulses and, after the bladder is empty, it will actually spew a clear mucus, something like ejaculation, except it doesn’t stop, it keeps coming in waves. I hope you made it this far, it’s a bliss that can possibly be yours.


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