(Georgie Girl from Dancing Circles)

know the game

you played that night,

the game of prove your love to me.

Dutifully I helped and hurt and held you

in words of nervous comfort.

Desperately and fearfully we’d played the game before,

I would con-soul you into living on to face the day.

But, that night, I let go for fear of holding on,

I let go to find myself.

You poured your fears into me,

They made me strong.

Strong enough to let you go

I went on to face the day

Goodbye mommy

Mother goodbye

In the moment of the meeting of the child was and the man I've become, eternity sits on the head of a pin, the ghost of my mother in the guise of the checkered harlequin, the jester of my court, the maniacal jackal, dances across my painful past in a celebration of the ecstasy of agony. And I laugh...

She devours me and fills me with void

Come to me with your dark embrace

Take me tattered and torn

Leave my shattered and shorn

Wake me with the spinning tide

Break my from the measures that guide

My lips tremble at the edge of a thought

My tongue trips on the phonics unspent

What can I say of the dance of death

A mockery of life

The void snatches at

the edging of the night

keeping and leaving

life has ebbed

Pushing against the film of reality

My eyes blurred

from the pressure of this


My sight as clear

as a raw open wound



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