She breathed so much love

She breathed so much love into all of our lives….

On Sunday, July 2nd, 2006, we lost the earthly source of a very bright light. My dear friend, Christina Jarvis, slipped out of her mortal coil and joined the infinite, but the love she spread in the world while she was here still flows onward. I would like to dedicate this song and this page to her memory…

I wrote a song for Christina,

You Breathe So Much Love (Christina)“, I started writing the words to this song 6 months before Christina died. Knowing that she was one of the original “Metal Chicks” back in the 80’s (gotta love the old skool!), I wanted a hard rock musical base, and that’s where my old buddie “Rock’n’Roll Nate” comes in. Back in the mid 90’s, when I shared a house with Christina (the “White House”) in Bancroft, Nate was a regular visitor on the scene. That’s when the syncronicities set in, when I got word that Christina was going to have a lung transplant, I signed on to my IM to message friends about what was going on, I connected with Nate and he said he had a track for me to work with, it wasn’t necessarily to do with Christina, me and Nate have a history of musical collaborations, but he had named the track “Last Chance to Life”- and it fit perfectly with the words that I had written up to that point. While I was in Toronto to visit Christina in the hospital, I finished the words. I then recorded the vocals. I was fortunate enough to get the recording done in time to get a cd to her just days before she died- she loved it, and now I need to share it with you all…

You Breathe So Much Love (Christina)

spanning worlds with your heart
you weave a space to be
moments of connection flow through time
gives you all you need

chrissie, chrissie, christina

how we find in mix and measure
the joyful meloncholy pulls us in
something kind funny
about the sour taste if honey
but you dive right in

chrissie, chrissie, christina

you breath so much love into your life
chrissie, chrissie, christina
there's so much love comin back to you
chrissie, chrissie, christina

needle prick scars map
the myriad ways in which you sew
stitching us together 
little pleasures
marking all the moments
when we really grow

you pierce the world like it pierces your heart
being in this world is your work of art
so much lost and so much gained
keep on growing through this beautiful pain

chrissie, chrissie, christina

take it on so veraciously
you swallow it whole
you find your comfort in the extreme
every moment is a another to hold

rock n roll mama 
you've got the sense to know
how to give your baby
the space he needs to grow

if they could just get past the shock
there's something you're trying to give
they make these fences far too close 
and don't leave the space to live

wild woman way
you're something to say
in just being who you are

you breath so much love into your life
chrissie, chrissie, christina
there's so much love comin back to you
chrissie, chrissie, christina

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