My Three Wishes

Okay, I’ve been meaning to get these up here for a very long time. Back in 2001 I was reading some Crowley in which he said, he who does not know his wish is lost. I was at a point in my life when I was going through some major “visioning”- trying to get a handle on the bigger questions and I realized that I needed to focus and concretize what my vision was. So I came up with “my three wishes”… and so here they are:

  1. To sustain a viable living through creative and fulfilling means.
  2. To be part of a community that encourages emotional intimacy and healing.
  3. To facilitate world change by achieving the first two wishes.

In articulating these wishes I realized they have always been at the core of my path and probably always will be. I also realize that I have been constantly fulfilling these wishes on various levels and to varying degrees of success 🙂

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