The Tarot

hangedmantransHi, I’m Wayne Elliott, a.k.a. WEBmadman. I have been a student of the Tarot since 1993, although my relationship with them goes back a lot further than that. Over the years, I have found the Tarot to be a practical tool for reflection and insight, this approach is called “Insight Divination“.

For a while I was doing submissions on the Tarot for The Link, a local magazine on arts and spirituality.

Have a look at some articles I’ve written on the Tarot:

The article archive:
The Path of the Tarot
Elements of Self
The Kings and I
The Queens in All of Us

I ended up doing a full set of the Major Arcana- check them out here.

Exploring the Tarot can be a very rewarding experience, on a personal level, it can lead to new levels of self awareness, and in a group setting, it can facilitate deeper levels of communication- providing a new language for expression.



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