Anarchy Manifesting

Anarchy seems to be manifesting itself in many ways these days. From looking the other way at work when something can screw up that can’t be pinned to you (even the most conservative, upstanding people are getting into doing it). To riots physically attacking the structures that bind us.
The more violent outbreaks tend to be swallowed by the sensation hungry media, reduced to sexy graphics with explosive soundtracks, the actual intent of the outbreaks picked apart into exquisitely contrived random elements.
The media is cracking, in an effort to feed the information hungry masses, glaring points of truth are bursting through. Between the mind numbing sitcoms and anger sidetracking sports, there are points of brilliance shining through. Catch it in a documentary, or a movie of the week, or even in an episode of syndicated muck, the people can be heard, screaming through, demanding VOX.
Then there is the political structure, its seething underbelly peeking through under the media search light. The true love/hate relationship, the politicos trying to keep their good side to the camera, and the sensation hungry media vying for a bit of scandal. Nobody trusts the government. When do we start demanding a new way of doing things?
Until “do what thou wilt” is “the whole of the law”
Invent your own way of being.


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