The Electric Say What has existed online, in some form or another, since 1995. Back when I first launched it on the web, it was on Geocities (776 West Bank, Paris to be exact), a very popular free hosting service in those early days of the web. It was a way in which I could put excerpts of my zine, Say What, out into the world.

Say What was a zine I started in 1993- I had a lot of writing and graphics that I wanted to share- particularly in Bancroft, the small town I’ve lived in and around for most of my life. Each time I did a “print run” (ie. had access to a photocopier or cash to run off a bunch of copies) I did an equal number of copies of all the issues up to that point, as such, issue #1 was the most widely circulated.

I’ve received a lot of feedback on it over the years, mostly positive. 😉 Recently, a young man in Maynooth told me how much it opened his mind and broadened his perspective on life!

It also received a rather favourable review in Broken Pencil– the issue they reviewed is issue #4.

Be forewarned, the subject matter and language in these publications may not be suitable and/or may offend some readers…

That said, on with the show!

I have scanned all 6 issues and put them in my image gallery-

Say What

Or download in comic (cbr) format here-

Much of the writing from Say What has been drawn into the music I have made. I have embedded songs into pages that have words weaving through- the Personal Abstractions section has songs on every page and Flailing Ourselves has a number of songs drawing from it.

Say What says the madman (Click to find out about WEBmadman)

Given the tools for self-expression,
the throat stops,

the mouth gapes,

and the mind reels,




Mark’s Trip

A psychedelic journey on the edge of insanity.

Reality Hacking with the Silicon Kid

A couple of cyber tales that will give you something to think about.


Personal Abstraction

A journey through the process of revealing my personal self.

Claiming the Male Body

Some thoughts and information about male sexuality.

The Back Page

Here’s where I release some of the tension of living in this accelerated age.

Speaking Tongues

From the darkest corners of my subconscious comes these strange words making obscure senses, reeling, undoing, revealing …speaking tongues.

An entry point to the world of WEBmadman