Flailing Ourselves with Fresh-Cut Puppet Strings

(Xenophobic in the Forest Light from Move Along)

(Power See from Politics & Policies)

(Politics & Policies from Post Pop)

(Rolling Down (Vox) from Dancing Circles)

This Cliff (Moment Us) from LiquidThought)

Flailing Ourselves with Fresh Cut Puppet Strings

Politics & policies, the patently perverse

Don’t give in to what you see

The illusion is complete

Talk about & walk about

The action in a word

What you do & what you speak

Is seldom what is heard

The herald of the heretic

Announces thoughts unseen

Repression of obsession

A directive so obscene

Caught inside the thoughts I hide

Prejudice against intolerance

Eagle spread to naked comfort

Blinded trees, won’t you help them please

Corner railed with stray ideas

Trying hard to keep their cool

Rapid fire staccato

Flaccid feel of smouldering hate

Bright sight vibrating night

Suckling goo of passion spent

Aftertaste of shame

Cold meandering indifference

Solid wall and chainy thorns

Guardians spread wings

and sharpen horns

Held in tight and moulded to the norm

Leaving the product

Unprepared for the storm

Time ticks with the ever present

To where the presents sent

Riding the wave of the ocean of time

The moment dies as it crashes to the shore

The connections that are made are the threads of the tapestry that cover our senses

Now I lay my bones to sleep

Hope my soul to ever keep

Within the bounds of conscious sight

Beyond the jaws of void’s sweet bite

My doors are now windows all shiny and clean, I can see clearly what once was unseen


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