(from Dark Cheese)

The hard crust of reality begins to soften around the edges, and time melts like a Dali pocket watch.

Shapes flickering behind the things around me. Memories of what was projecting through to the possibilities of what may be, the present becomes a fulcrum, a point of uncertain clarity.

Reality- a liquid, impossible to hold with the hands of reason, but I can swirl ripples through this pond, swim through the waves of experience, I can cup my hands, draw this water up to the lips of my perception, drink deep, emerge and see the ocean around me, gaze upward to the sky, and dream the blue so deep within.

I feel the other souls around me, some are like dolphins, they teach me to swim with vigour and joy. Others flounder, splashing frantically, I feel panic and the paradoxic compulsion to both help and flee, sometimes I help, sometimes I flee.

I begin to recognize rafts and boats around me, they are stitched of souls intent, the will born of passion, a fire to behold. I am part of some, I know now, and can relax a bit, let myself drift and know that I will not drown. I can also feel a fulfilment knowing I have saved some others from drowning, just by being as I am.

And here is the pearl, the purpose (porpoise), in being, my ripples caress the infinite in circles drifting outward. I am not alone in this ocean, and bridges are easiest built with others in mutual fulfilment towards being together joined, riding the waves.

I have learned to swim by realizing I’ve known how all along, I just had moments of forgetting, I remember now, can you?

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