herded like cattle

Sadness Comes (from Liquid Thought)

Herded like cattle through hoops of flame. Young colt testosterone beating hoof against floor. Coded words pass in mumbles all around. Heated exchange as hen squawks, ruffled feathers pacing. Young woman surrounded by joke laden barriers. Quick smile through litany of the battle at a stalemate. Corrosive knots city is death. Bleed sapping draining. Where’s the rainbow’s end. Mystery hole hidden by dollar signs. Soulmate out of reach. life is a sad tale written by Pathos. can’t be real. like bloated starving children belched up by the silent tube screaming coloured fears. Give to the needy. Where it’s leading. Thought lost behind images unseen. help me please. don’t need challenge don’t need judgement. just need someone to hold me and say it’ll be all right.

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