State Meant

(Grabbing Strength from Dark Cheese)

State meant has it’s opposite heart.

The calling finger point justice caused in guilt project.

Shifted shame stands under the dividing sword.

Just ’cause- it is- division cracks apart.

Roots cling, the rain erodes, wash away the shedding sin.

Under enlightenment.

Truth unbound.

Fence standing garish and unreal.

Time being.

See through effect.

Tell tale sign mislead.

No response ability.

The react-shun meant to elude the change.

Uncover blood of death’s disease. Grease binding machine slips through. Viral formulation product covers the process.

Intention on the sleeve of action. Calls to mind justification of the musing.

Something will succeed you.

I don’t know what has never been.

The stoppers and the flow.

Temper treated, truly unleashing the many feasted.

She holds, he engages, the contact point evolves.

Emanation, prelude to being, introverted to encompass all.

Inverted to holographic piece contains the whole.

Divides to balance platform.

Becoming greater than the sum of valent urges.

Joining, revolving field directed in unity.

Broken down by dissident truth.

Recomposed informing sight of hidden veil.

Grabbing strength from calloused scar, weaving anger into loops that heal.

Teaching some direction



the cause.

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