Welcome to the Homepage of WEBmadman

This is the homepage of WEBmadman. A guy with a strange knack for negotiating symbolic spaces, especially digital ones. Have a look around, get inspired. If something stimulates you to think, or better yet, to create, then we’ve accomplished something… 🙂

Most of my latest activity can be found in the photo section of my image gallery and on my blog.

November 2016- The new album is now ready- http://release.webmadman.net/MoveAlong2016/.

Check out my profile over on YouTube for a peek at some of what I’ve done.

And have a look in my “junk drawer” folder where you can get a peek at what I’m working on, as well as a whack of other stuff to download.

I’ve had a website online since the mid-90’s in the form of the Electric Say What, some interesting reading- now with audio! 😀

I am a student of the Tarot, and over the years have generated some articles and graphics through that process- Tarot Stuff

I have dipped into audio from a few directions- sound experiments being one. Spoken word ([1],[2],[3]) being another.

Most significant these days, though, is musical- jump over to my Audio Releases page to find all my albums available for download.

I was involved with the noise band Full Metal Booty. There is a pretty large archive of our jams here.

Going a little further back in time, I worked with the Hijack group, performances include Tech No Bond Age and zero.

An entry point to the world of WEBmadman